OSOC – Jacob’s Cattle Bean

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This year, the committee for “One Seed One Community” (OSOC) chose the Jacob’s Cattle Bean for several reasons: sdlkfjlskdjflksdjflksjdflksdjfl ksdjf lksdjf lskdjfl skdjfl skdjflskdjfl ksdjflksdjfl ksdjflepoiuwoeu rowieuriowu eoweirukjshdflkhakjsdfh kasjdhfowiuroiuwr owehlsjdhf kjsldjfo wieuriowj sdlfkj.

Image: https://farmerstoyou.com/product.php?products_id=399

Jacob’s Cattle Bean is also called a Trout bean or an Appaloosa bean, but Jacob’s Cattle bean is the oldest name for the variety. It is a plump, white and red speckled, kidney-shaped bean with vivid maroon splashes. It is full-flavored, holds its shape under long cooking, and stands up well to plenty of seasoning. This bean is a Prince Edward Island heirloom. Legend has it that it was a gift from Maine’s Passamaquoddy Indians to Joseph Clark, the first white child born in Lubec, Maine.  The bean has a rich aroma. It is a little tannic on the tongue and tastes almost like a green bean with a slightly fruity aftertaste. The aftertaste was also described as rich and nutty. https://farmerstoyou.com/product.php?products_id=399

Jacob’s Cattle Bean is on the Ark of Taste

About One Seed One Community (OSOC)

OSOC aims to strengthen our community by providing a shared experience that teaches people how to grow nutritious food and save seeds.

The One Seed One Community project is based on “one book, one city” or “community read” programs. Instead of uniting a community in reading a single book, we find common ground by growing the same seed.

Many home gardens are usually too small to grow the minimum plant numbers to maintain the genetic stock of many seed varieties. The solution: choose one seed for many gardeners to build a greater genetics diversity of that variety. We share our seeds with one another through the vehicle of our seed libraries and seed swaps. Over time, this process has the potential to build local adaptation in these seeds and strengthen our local food systems.

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• One Seed One Community was designed by Hillie Salo of Silicon Valley Grows, Silicon Valley, CA. She is currently a Board member of the Slow Food South Bay chapter, and is their Treasurer. This “One Seed One Community” has been one of their local projects for 4 years. Go to their website to read about previous years:

  • 2018, Yellow Indian Woman Bean
  • 2017, Petaluma Gold Rush Bean
  • 2016, Green Arrow Pea
  • 2015, Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce

• Read about Hillie’s journey here:  Cool Beans! Seed Libraries Newsletter, Issue #13