One Seed One Community with SFCA

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One Seed One Community (OSOC) is now a state-wide “group grow” program that aims to strengthen our communities by providing a shared experience that teaches people how to grow (nutritious) food, save seeds and what it takes to have a sustainable future.

The One Seed One Community project is based on “one city, one book” or “community read” programs. Instead of uniting a community in reading a single book, we find common ground by growing the same seed.

Many home gardens are usually too small to grow the minimum plant numbers to maintain the genetic stock of many seed varieties. The solution: choose one seed for many gardeners to build a greater genetics diversity of that variety. We share our seeds with one another through the vehicle of our seed libraries and seed swaps. Over time, this process has the potential to build local adaptation in these seeds and strengthen our local food systems.

If you gave us your email address then watch for our emails throughout the year with info on your required actions, do’s and don’ts. These emails will come throughout the growing season walking you through the planting, harvesting, and seed saving. At the end of the season, we’ll give you information on how to share the seeds (with friends, seed libraries), as well as participate in a “Great Bean Weigh-Off” party. This can be your annual gathering where you all come together, weigh how much you grew and share stories, seeds, and food.

To get your name on our mailing list, please send an email to:

This year, we selected 2 beans, you are welcome to grow one, or both:



See what Slow Food USA was saying on Instagram, 1/15/19:
Their “Plant a Seed” campaign is coming soon:

Create your own “One Seed One Community” program, click here.


• One Seed One Community was designed by Hillie Salo of Silicon Valley Grows, Silicon Valley, CA. She is currently a Board member of the Slow Food South Bay chapter, and is their Treasurer. This “One Seed One Community” has been one of their local projects for 4 years. Go to their website to read about previous years:

  • 2018, Yellow Indian Woman Bean
  • 2017, Petaluma Gold Rush Bean
  • 2016, Green Arrow Pea
  • 2015, Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce

• Read about Hillie’s journey here:  Cool Beans! Seed Libraries Newsletter, Issue #13