Welcome to Slow Food California


~Good, Clean and Fair Food for All~


California’s food system represents both our greatest hopes and the greatest challenges we face as a movement. Because of the size and scope of our food production, the changes that we make here can have impacts far beyond our own borders. To that end, we envision a Slow Food movement in California comprised of a network of highly motivated, active leaders committed to initiating and implementing projects that result in more good, clean and fair food for all. At the core of this work is the belief in the power of linking Californians’ shared enjoyment of good food to our shared responsibility to protect and support the food heritage, traditions, and culture that make this pleasure possible. The time has come for a powerful movement, rooted in the complexity and diversity of California and dedicated to both joy and justice, to come together around our tremendous potential to impact the national and global food system.

Since 1989, Slow Food has been on the cutting edge of making change in our food systems. Our greatest successes have come when building bridges between local and international, joy and justice, and tradition and innovation. In that spirit, we are all looking for new ways to work together that honor the traditions of Slow Food, but allow room for innovative new partnerships that can strengthen the whole.